Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WEIRD Makeup Artist Secrets!

So since were friends now, I thought I would give you some of my TOP SECRET makeup tips. Don't tell anyone SHHH! ;) Some of them are really odd. But honestly, don't bash it til you try it! 

Preperation H- This is amazzzzzzzing for puffy eyes! Don't use all the time or get close to the eyeball-- But, if you are overly tired, or been crying for a bit and have to go somewhere so important, put the tiniest amount and put it on your bags! Also, if you have an ice cube hold it with your tounge on the top of your mouth for 20 seconds and the bags dark eyes should be debagged! So weird, but try it.

Tape- If you read my blog, you have probably heard me talk about this before, you can use tape as a guide for your eyeshadow! To get a crisp, clean line, take this on the back of your hand to get all the stickiness off and then apply it from your lashes up to the end of your brow. Peel it off and BAM! A perfect line!

Monistat Chaffing Gel- This baby is an awesome primer! It makes your pores go byeeeeee! I'm not kidding. It has the same ingredients as most high end primers for $8.. You can't beat that.

Deodorant- Go for more of a non scented, sensitive formula. I use this on my special occasion clients that when they are outside for a wedding or a prom all day and I put this right above the primer and it literally helps so much with sweat and oils, and the makeup stays set. Take this on your fingers and dab on your t-zone! Like I said, I would only use this on special occasions! But, who would think to put this on your face? Oh, just crazy makeup artists;)

Aloe Vera- Have a foundation that you love for nighttime? or winter? But, for everyday its way to thick? If you want to lighten up your foundation mix it with Aloe and it will give you a really sheer look.

Vaseline- Get lipstick on your teeth a lot? Put vaseline on your teeth and you'll never have that problem again! Or, it can take your makeup off. Massage it into your skin and take it off with a damp cloth. If you are a child like me apparently and get nail polish all over your hands when you paint your nails, put some vaseline on the skin next to your nails and when you are finished just wipe off with a Q-Tip! If you have stubby eyelashes put this on again w a Q-Tip at night and it will help them grow! Probably an obvious-- But, you can use this as a gloss over your favorite lip stick as well!

Coconut Oil- This is an amazing hair mask! If you put tons of this on your hair, then put on a shower cap and sleep over night it makes your hair crazy moisturized and shiny the next day! But, just make sure you shampoo thoroughly the next day, unless you will look like a grease ball! This is an awesome moisturizer for your face and body too! Even if you have oily skin! If you have oily skin and put oil on it it tricks the oil and helps nix the grease in the butt! I have psoriasis and this helps a lot if I slather this on it and it literally is gone! This also is great for eyelashes to grow! I have also been reading up on Oil Pulling. By swishing Coconut Oil in your mouth for 20 minutes then spitting it out, it apparently helps with your oral health and makes your teeth so white! I don't know about you but I don't think I can not put food in my mouth for 20 minutes hahahahha. No but really that seems like a chore swishing and swishing and swishing. I feel like my mouth would hurt.. Maybe I will try it and let you know! But, I can't make any promises :X


  1. Great tips!
    Will be going to try some out.
    Especially the primer tip, sounds good.

    Xx Anne

  2. Awesome! Im glad I could help!!!
    Let me know how it goes! I checked out your blog, very nice!


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