Sunday, March 23, 2014

Music Festival Outfit & Hair ♥

Since its FINALLY Spring (although it is snowing here in upstate NY) what says Spring and Summer more than concerts!? Music Festivals are so fun and are the perfect opportunity for crazy makeup and funky hair. For your outfit you better make sure its practical but also, cute! Summer concerts, like Coachella, are always crowded and usually sooo hot. But, I'm not complaining! My senior year I went to one on black top and it was scorching all day like sooooo hot. Then, started hailing. I love mother nature. So like I said its always very smart to be practical with your clothing and hair! 

So with her hair what I did is really embraced her natural waves she had going on. Which anyone can do. I lovvvve just going with the hairs texture. 9/10 if you know how to work with it, it will look soooo much better than a flat iron could do anyway! I parted her hair in the middle then, I put some anti-frizz creme, I used Redkens Real Control Creme Care. Its always good to use a creme vs a spray just so it doesn't get that scrunchy feeling. You want to mimic the hairs natural state as much as possible. After I did that, I diffused it on the cold setting until it was about 75% dry, then let it air dry the rest of the way. Just like that perfect hair! To enhance the waves and let them look more put together I took a curling iron and wrapped the pieces around her face around the barrel away from her face. Put on a headband and you're ready to go! I think this is a perfect festival hair because if its hot, you don't have to mess around with this to make it look good. Just let it be. You don't have to fuss around with it because it aint goin' nowhere! But, you still look stylish and carefree. (Damage free too, because who doesn't love that?!)

For her outfit, most of it was just hand-me-downs from my friends, parents closets! Salvo is where its at right now. You can always find awesome finds there for my on the budget girls.. But, I found some weirdly close pieces online as well. I think this is easy for a festival because if you get hot, the look is lately just tying it around your waist. Its there if you need it!

White Turtle Neck Crop Top: Forever 21- 9.99
Highwaisted Shorts: Etsy- $34.49
Red Flannel: Necessary Clothing- $27.99
Headband: Nordstrom- $25
Combat Boots: Charolette Russe- $40

Now, take a selfie and show me your favorite look for a music festival! Tag me on insta :flowersinemilyshair <3

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