Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to get your Baby Blues to POP!

Ever notice how when you wear a certain color shirt your eyes just pop? Well, you should thank the color wheel for that! In order to get your greens, browns, baby blues to stand out you have to go with their complimentary colors. Its the same thing with makeup! Who woulda thought learning our colors with paint and mixing them when we were five would have really worked out in real life? The color wheel is actually a great go-to for a lot of things beauty related. If you have green or brown eyes don't worry I got you covered girlfriend! Keep on the look out :) 

I feel like y'all blue eyed girls got it made. Every color looks amaze balls on you. 
Golds, coppers, purples and browns compliment shades of blue. 
With blue eyes you really want to stray away from black liner because it can look a bit harsh. Stick with a more brown or navy! Also, using a white/ cream metallic color on the inner corner can really make these blues pop!
In my opinion I feel like a light pink lip goes perfect with blue eyes--- or use an orange based blush.
If you really want to take the plunge-- Wear a neutral eye maybe a cream with light brown in the crease and outer v and lash line and match it with an orange lip! Maybe morange by MAC! 
This would just compliment your blue eyes soooooo well.
You always either want to go for a crazy eye, or a crazy lip if you ask me.. 
If you do a dark smokey eye with a red lip you can look a little cray.
But there are no rules in beauty you do youu boooo! It could look beautiful! The only way you are going to get your perfect look for your eye is practicing to see what looks good on YOU!

*On Caseys eyes I went with a dark brown smokey look with my Lorac Pro palette. I used the color Taupe on her lid, with Sable in her crease and blended Espresso in her outer v and lash line.

I think the Lorac Pro would be an awesome investment for my blue eyed girls. It has a wide variety of browns, coppers and purples! Awesome
 for everyday.. or spice it up for night! You can get this at Ulta for $50. Pretty pricey but worth it because you get 16 shades and it lasts for a leap year!

I hope this helped those blue eyed babes-- Let me know if you try these tips! Tag me on instagram: flowersinemilyshair :)

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