Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get the Look: Olivia Palermo's Style

ME AND KYLA! EEEEEK and guess what? We have added a third bllogga, Victoria! Wooooohooo three times the fun!
Meet Victoria. Victoria has a blog over at Glossy and Glitzy all about fashion ! She's from NYC and all of her posts literally make me feel like I'm watching Gossip Girl. Not kidding. So if you love Blair Waldorf with a hint of Serena Vanderwoodsen, Victoria is your cup of tea. Today, us three decided to team up and recreate Olivia Palermos signature look! I went with her brown smokey eye over on Ky Marie C, Kyla did her curls on Glossy and Glitzy and I am having Victoria on my blog recreating her style! Go check out all of our posts to find how how to look just like The City star. SO, lets not waste any time. Heres Victoria!

This is my take on the Olivia Palermo look above. I went with a black jacket and faux fur stole instead of the check shirt. Without the poncho I still have a nice look and I'll have to admit I do have a weakness for cozy furry accessories. Olivia is a fan of fur as seen here and here and I wanted to add it to my look as well. I think it gives the outfit a touch of glam. I've been dying to create this look for a while and I was able to get a few shots of it last week. It's been a bit chilly lately (Juno2015 whoa?) and I was waiting for warmer weather to style this outfit for the day. Shorts are not exactly winter staples but I am actually wearing thin nude tights underneath. All of these pieces came from what I've collected in my closet. Some things are new, and some things old - I'd say it's a pretty comparable look for $1000s less. Sometimes a Get the Look might not be exact, but I like adding my own style. You should too and see what you come up might be surprised what you find in your closet.

I'm hoping to create more looks for less posts for G&G. It's always fun to style an outfit inspired by another.  This helps me brainstorm and think of how I can wear things I already own - differently.  Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad, and Miranda Kerr are a few ladies that I admire when it comes to style and taste. Polished, chic, feminine, and classic are how I would describe Olivia Palermo's closet...oh and fabulous. Let's throw that one in there as well. Olivia definitely appreciates the finer things in life along with a sophisticated sense of style.

These are SO cool! I also bought the pearl earrings linked. Take a look at your local Macy's store for the black ones above. Check out my other earring picks HERE. There is also this set of three from Bauble Bar HERE.

Hope you enjoyed my first Get the Look post! If anyone has any looks they want to see shoot me an email at and I'll see what I can come up with. I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.



AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! GUYS! How did you like Victoria?!?! How amaze is she?!

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Insta: @victoria.gallindo | Blog: Glossy and Glitzy

ALSO--- Don't forget, go check out how Kyla did her hair here and how I did her makeup here!
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Like Victoria said, if you want to see any other Get the Look posts from us let us know in the comments or email us! :) I can't wait to hear some ideas. Should I do some more guest posts? Let me knowwwww--- Talk to you all lata gatasssssss.

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