Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How To: Spice Up a Plain Outfit

If you know anything about me, you would know I love plain outfits. When I mean plain, I don't mean plain. I just like to buy simple, timeless pieces that I can switch out a cardigan, leather jacket, shoes, and make a total different outfit. That way the Regina George of your life can't tell you you wore that outfit already;)

So, what I did is I took 3 staple pieces in my wardrobe. A white t, boyfriend jeans and ankle boots. You can switch out the color of any of these pieces as well to switch up the look! From a grey shirt, to black, to dark denim, to light, to black boots, to tan etc. etc.

How To: Spice Up a Plain T
Before we get into this I'm going to tell you my life long secret.
You cannot tell a soul.
Well ok, I suppose you can, the only white v necks I will buy (other than Victorias Secret if I want a deeper V) is Hanes mens shirts. Literally, since maybe 9th grade. If I could count how many time someone complimented them either, I would be one rich gal. They are just so comfy and not a deep v at all so you don't feel exposed all day. Just the best. What I do is get a size smaller than I usually would and its perfect. Its a tiny big but thats how I like my ts. Roll up your sleeves a tiny bit and you are gooooooood to go. Best part is you can get like 5 in a pack for $35. If thats not a good deal, I dont know what is. 
My first way to spice up your plain jane outfit is putting a cardigan over it! I really like this grey one from TopShop. An over sized cardi is so cute and adds to any outfit but other than that, its warm. In Upstate NY, you better bet your bottom dollar, you have a sweater. Especially where I work-- Dr. Surosky, turn on the heat PLEASE! 

Another quick idea is adding a leather jacket. Leather jackets complete so many looks. I love them. Anytime I wear a leather jacket, I feel like a BOSS. This one from Nordstrom would be perfect because its more structured. This will make your T look more put together, like you spent allllll day workin' on your cute outfit when you woke up 45 minutes late. #mylife
Last but not least, to bring this outfit from day to night is switch out the boots and put on a blazer with heels! This would be the perfect going out look! This blazer from ASOS would be soooo legit with these heels from Target! You prob can't tell or anything but I am all about the monochromatic colors! I think its just timeless. But, if you wanted to add some color, you could always add a purse, or change out the heels or jacket for a blush color!

I hope this helped everyone spice up their plain outfits! Whats your favorite way to spice up a t? Can you believe I wear mens shirts?!?!? Talk to you all sooooooooooon :)

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