Thursday, January 8, 2015

How to: Winged Liner!

From time to time I read back on old posts and I was reading my old posts the other day and found this gem and could not stop laughing. Like what am I talking about I like my spoons for cookie dough? Hahahhahahahahahha, still pretty true. It might not be that funny, but hey, at least I got a good laugh.

While I was looking back at that post, what I was saying really wasn't making that much sense. In order to do a wing liner, I really feel like I can talk for days about it but its easier if you could just see what I mean. Don't do as I say, say as I do? (I hope thats the saying) But jk, do as I say too ;) I thought that it would help a lot more if I just made a picture play by play, kinda like football. Then, you can really see up close and personal what the heck I'm talking about. Some things are kinda the same but I switched it up a little bit!

Awwwww here it goes. (name that 90's show in the comments if your kewl)

What I do first is -same in the old post- take the liner and flicking it to the end of your brow.

Then pull the end in a straight line all the way in until it connects to your lash line.

Fill in dose lines girl. And you are all set! Easy peasy.

Some extra tips:
I always lean my elbow on a table because it keeps me steady and put the mirror below me looking down at it. I feel like that is the easiiiiest way to do it and have a nice, clean line.

Also, I would always point to the end of your brow because that way you can really insure both your wings being the same. 

Q-Tips are your jam when it comes to liner. Use the Q-Tip to sharpen up the line and it works errytime.

Read my post here for some more tips and tricks!

What is your favorite way to wear a winged liner? Do you like it with a bold lip? Or smokey eye? Keep on the lookout for some more tutorials-- BTW-- Who is so excited to see Sam back on the blog?!? I know I am!

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