Sunday, January 25, 2015

Taking Stock

Hi guys, I really miss you! Lol, I have been slacking big time in the blog department. I can't even use the excuse that I have had a lot going on, because, honestly.... I haven't. I just have felt so unmotivated in the blog world. I had to take ten steps back and give it a break. Also, it doesn't help that I am back living with my parentals and their internet literally is the worst. I can't believe I'm uttering these words but I think AOL might have been better. #countryprobs #deersaremyneighbors But, by taking this little vacation from my blog, I actually have become very inspired. I haven't had the time to round up any posts but, I have been so obsessed with The Day Book Blog and she posted this here and I thought why not?? It was weirdly refreshing... It reminds me of MySpace surveys and I used to be AALLLLL about that life. pc4pc?

Making : tons of new foods that if you know me, is totally nuts.
Cooking : ironic. Oatmeal and loads of it. 
Drinking : water with lemon. Mmmmmmmm.
Reading: nothing. Thats on my list of things to do. Anyone have a good book I should read?
Wanting: a mcchicken. Cant mcchickens make me skinny?
Looking: forward to any season other than Winter. I love Fall.
Playing: my December playlist on Spotify. I still love every song. It makes me happy.
Wasting: time. Cant you tell? Hehe
Sewing: lets be honest. I have never sewn anything in my life.
Wishing: all my blogger friends lived closer. How fun would that be? 
Enjoying: these little moments. Laying in my bed, with my dog. All cozied up. Lola is the best cuddler.
Waiting: for the next episode of Love, Lust or Run. Has anyone watched it? I love! Stacy is my spirit animal I think.
Liking: anything white. I want to paint my walls white. Dodie says me living here is temporary. Haahhahah rude!
Wondering: what time I should wake up tomorrow
Loving: Audrey lately and all of her pigs. All lined up. She tucks them in, they watch her take a bath. Even the way she says Peppa and George.
Hoping: for everything to fall right where its supposed to fall. I am. so. ready.
Marvelling: at Olivia Palermo. How can one human be so perfect??
Needing: Liz. I miss my best friend. Buffalo is only 3 hours away, Emily, remember.
Smelling: my parents just making deer hot dogs. I think I was adopted.
Wearing: a big t. My favorite. 
Following: my dreams. I'm cheesy. But this year, I have made so many changes. I am so excited to see where I am going. I am so awful at letting go of things. But, this year, I have really tried to let go of anything holding me back, or making me unhappy. 
Noticing: how awful I am at Trivia Crack. 
Knowing: a2 +b2 = c2 right? pi= 3.15 see I'm smart! So why can't I ever beat anyone?
Thinking: about how good I have it at Vitality and how lucky I am to have awesome coworkers.
Feeling: very shleepppppy.
Bookmarking: 2 weeks soda free! I hear it takes 3 weeks to make a habit. So 5 days to go?
Opening: a new chapter in my life. 
Giggling: at my parents playing Euchre and my mom said if she wins I get to take a bath. Hahahahahhahaha. I am obsessed with baths. I have an issue. Is there a baths anonymous? The worst part is, country living. All of our heat and hot water come from a stove. That my dad puts wood into. Long story short. When I take a long bath in our huge jacuzzi tub, the heat goes down. Again, #countryprobs. 

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She won.
I am off to take a bath. Talk to you guys soon! 

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