Monday, October 7, 2013

What is Color Melting?

I can not explain to you my love for Color Melting. It has been around all celebrities for the last few years and its not looking like its going anywhere anytime soon! (Cross our fingers!!) Color melting is a perfect solution for moms on the go or broke college kids and everywhere in between! Its just plain easy, barely any maintenance and still looks perfect 3 months after you go to the salon.... Who doesn't love that?!? Color melting is a technique that is used to blend different colors together to create a 'sunkissed--- I just went outside for a few hours and naturally my hair lightened and gave me perfect highlights' look. Its great for adding a POP to any bland or boring hair color. You can make the melting subtle for my easy going girls or dramatic for my fashionistas out there!

BUT lets not get Ombre and Color Melting mixed up.... Ombre is a solid color at your ends. Color Melting has the root color also diffused in your ends. On the left is an Ombre-- Right is Color Melting.


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