Friday, October 11, 2013

Get Beautiful While Giving Back

So as you all know its Breast Cancer Awareness Month! With that said, there is tons of products out there this month to make a change and support this charity.. Or, just changin' up your do's and pouting a bright pink lip can be a great way to show your pride! I love pink so it is soooo easy for me! LOL. If you would like more information about Breast Cancer go to So instead of orange lets turn October PINK!

Heres a cute top from Under Armour to wear on a lazy day at home or with a ripped pair of boyfriend jeans and some toms! Its $27.99 and 100% of proceeds are donated to breast cancer charities and medical centers.

EOS Strawberry and Fresh Watermelon Duo-- EVERYONES FAVORITE BALM! Now you wont feel guilty stockin' up! Its $5.99 at the EOS website! 100% of proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research as well. 
I don't know about you but I love a good tan. Especially if its in a bottle and Fake Bake is one of my favorites! Flawless is not a lotion, not a mousse, not a gel... Its a liquid and it comes with a spray bottle and you just spray it all on and rub it in with the mitt in circular motions. Wake up, shower and BAM, a tan looking like you just got back from the bahamas. With this kit, you get Fake Bake Flawless, a bracelet, a tanning mitt and a lip gloss. $1 off everyone sold will go to Wings of Karen. For all of that-- Only $29.99 on! A great deal considering the Flawless itself is usually $29.




And for my babes Katy.... Same with blue-- Hot or Not??? Let me know.. I'd love to hear!
Support Breast Cancer by sporting some pink tresses!! Keep bookin' those appointments; Lets have some fun!!!!!


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