Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Be a Bronzed Bombshell.. FAST!

Hi Ladies!!!!! As most of my friends and family know, I have been trying to finally figure out the mystery secret to self tanning since middle school... I never understood why everytime I would come out streaky, looking like a pumpkin and when the tan would rub off I looked like a cheetah. Awesome, I was a streaky, pumpkin lookin' cheetah... Who in gods green earth would want to look like that?!?!? Not me... So it took me a few years but I finally mastered it! If you're having the same issues as I was keep on scrollin.

So first things first shower and exfoliate with a loofa to remove all the dead skin! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP!!! If you don't do this the tan with attract to the dry spots on your body and be uneven! I use Lush Sea Salt.. It makes me feel like I just got back from the ocean, no joke! But, my skin is so soft afterwards!! 

Afterwards, I use a light lotion doesn't matter what kind but do not use like coco butter... Just a lightweight lotion you would use daily.. Put that on your elbows, collar bone, knees, feet and I put them  on my nails and my knuckles and in between the fingers. This acts like a barrier cream and won't take to much to the tanner. I use the Mystic Tan Base Hydrator but like I said any lotion will do.

So now it's time to tan! 
I use a mitt to apply... If I am using the Flawless Spray I will spray onto my body then rub it in in circular motions.. The same idea with St. Tropez but its a mousse so I pump the moose onto the mitt then  apply.. I go easy on my dry spots but I do about two-three coats on my whole body for a darker look. One coat would just be a tint of color which is nice also! Honestly, the applying isn't complicated its the before and after instructions. 

For my face I use a flat top makeup brush-- like this one and with the MOUSSE ONLY apply it onto the brush and starting in the outer edges of my face working in towards the middle in circular motions.. I like to stay away from above my lip and between my eyebrows! I do my neck with the brush also I don't know why! It could be personal preference but, I like it better that way. I will do this before bed, then shower it off in the morning. 

Usually my tan will stay for about a week and everyday I reapply it on my face at night and shower it off in the morning and use the Jergens lotion to keep up with the tan everyday at night and in the morning use a thicker lotion, like a body butter! That way your body stays hydrated and your tan doesnt look flaky! I hope my ideas were helpful.... Let me know how it works for you :) XOXO 

St Tropez Mousse- Sephora for $42.00
Fake Bake Flawless- Ulta for $25.00
Jergens Gradual Tanning Lotion- Walgreens for $10.49

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