Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favorites!

I'm sorry everyone for the lack of posts this week but I have been super busy. Luckily for you it has to do a lot with my blog so you will see shortly;) But, since I have nothing in my back pocket to talk about I thought I would share some things I have been obsessed with lately! Hair, to makeup, to clothes to... Whatever I feel like bloggin. 
Ya feel me? 

So recently, I have been obsessed with Kohls. I know, I know, who goes to Kohls anymore. Well I DO! They have amazing deals alwaysssssss. Especially if you have a Kohls Charge Card (which I wouldn't get if I were you bc its amazing) you get even more coupons! The other day I bought 2 of these shirts one in Coral and one in Black. They are just so simple and you can wear it with anything and it looks pretty classy without trying to hard (which is my fav) and they were like $10 with the coupon I had.. You cannot beat that. 

Again from Kohls, the Lauren Conrad section is to die for.... I got these plain black skinny pants. They almost literally are like leggings. They feel like leggings. Actually they feel like pjs.. But they are thicker material and look like dress pants. I LOVE THEM. If you like PJs you need to get them.

Next this Maybelline blush is literally almost gone I love it so much. Its the perfect pink and usually I'm a matte blush kinda girl but this just gives the best glow to your skin. This blush is almost like a sheen. Its so affordable which is always good as well.

This quote has been all over Pinterest and has turned into literally the most true statement to me. And ok, because its by my people might make me love it a little more. It has definitely been a favorite!

Another drugstore love lately, (WHO AM I TURNING INTO) is the Loreal True Match.. You can get this at Target or Ulta too. I know I'm late on the band wagon but, I can't even. It is a matte full coverage foundation that I have literally never seen in a cheap foundation. I can get like 7-10 hour wear out of this bad boy too. PERFECTION! 

My favorite YouTuber lately has for sure been, Zoella. If you haven't seen her, you need to. She is literally the funniest most genuion person on this planet and I don't even know her. Another plus, is she's British!!! Im so jealous of her and her boyfriend Alfie too. I literally waste so much time tumbling on #Zalfie. Its pathetic. I wouldn't do it. You will get an imaginary Disney type relationship that is not real! Hahahahhaha--- She's amazing check her out! 

AND LASTLY BUT NOT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, The Vampire Diaries.... The last episode, WTF?!?!?!??!?! I don't want to spoil it for any of you but, if you've seen it lets chat about it because I literally am depressed. Are you Stelena or Delena?! 

And those were a few of my favorite things lateeelyy! What have yours been? Let me know in the comments;)

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