Thursday, March 5, 2015

All About That BASE

But really, I'm with you Megan Trainor!
I think that your base makeup is what really makes your look put together.. Lets just get a little off topic for a sec--
Lets just say, ya know, hypothetically, you saw a girl with a full face, foundation, contour, highlight, blush done and little mascara, maybe some eye liner and a bold lip, heck, even a nude lip, you would think her life was put together right? So what if there was a different girl, maybe slacked, didn't use foundation that day, or maybe she even did, but it was patchy and didn't look very nice, with a blown out beautiful smokey eye, but her skin looks like abs crap. Which girls makeup would you like better? I feel like this is a no brainer... In my book, I think the skin always comes first! Make that beautiful then move on to the extra shenanigans. If you have a beautiful base everything else is just icing on the cake. 

On the same note, spending money on quality products for your face I really believe makes all of the difference! Not that you can't find a good deal now and again but most of the time. Wash your face with grease it will look like a pizza. (That didn't make sense) Just use good products ok? 

Primer - Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer is my ISH! I love it! It makes all my pores go away and I really think it even fills in some of my small lines. Even better is it makes my makeup go on so smooth and lasts for ages. Whats better than that? Notta thing. 

Foundation - my favorite foundation at the moment has definitely got to be Georgio Armani Luminous Silk... Ok, its pricy, I know. Honestly though, it is worth every single penny. It is great for oily skin, its great for dry skin and it doesn't look cakey. WHICH IS THE BEST PART. It honestly just gives your skin this healthy glow that no other foundation I know does.

Concealer - Mac Pro Longwear hands down. Again, all these products are no brainers for me because they are that awesome. This concealer doesn't crease and covers every bag under those eyes.

Contour - Anastasia Beverly Hills for powder and to set your under eyes with their BOMB Banana shade, but for a more natural everyday look, I would go for Chanel Soleil de Tan. It literally is the most natural creme bronzer I have ever saw. It may be pricy but, I have had it since summer and barely put a dent in it. It lasts foreva eva, eva eva.

Powder - Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in dim. For my oily girls I really recommend this! I have dry skin and I even love it though! It is supposed to make the look of being in "good lighting" and I really think it does. It makes everything disappear without making you look powdery. At Sephora, there is even this kit that comes with a bronzer and a highlight. Im not so fond of the bronzer (maybe in the summer) but I love the highlight!

Ok, I know that was a lot of reading.. IM SORRY! It was so nessacary though! What are your favorite face products? Are you a face or eye girl? 

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