Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blind, am I.

I am blind.
I am, blind.
I, am blind.
Blind, am I.
Blind, I am.

Whatever way you want to write it, I have the worst vision. EVER. Ok, there probably is worse. But, mines pretty bad. Lucky for me I actually like glasses. I love being able to switch up my style between different glasses, different styles and contacts! I even think if I had 20/20 vision I would still wear glasses once in a while. They are just fun. Just like my beauty/fashion finds, I found an AWESOME online glasses company that I thought you all would love.


Firmoo is an online company who sells all types of glasses from women to men at a crazy affordable price. The best part is, all of the glasses are so cute. Whats better than that? Stylish glasses for a good price? Oh wait, I know, the company is amaziiiing. Most customer service is just there to help you because, well, its there job. Firmoo went above and beyond for me. I have never ordered glasses online before so I had no idea how to write in my prescription. I just emailed them and she told me exactly what to write! How great is that? Ok, again, I have never ordered from any glasses company so I thought this was SO helpful. I just have nothing bad to say about this company. I love them. The package they send comes with a pair of glasses (duh, Emily hehe) a pouch for them, a really cool glasses case, a cleaning cloth and a tiny screwdriver.

The glasses I got are here. I have been loving the bigger style of glasses lately and let me say these are so CUTE. The price of my glasses... duh, duh, duh, duh, is only $26! Such a great deal and the glasses are such great quality. Don't mind the thick lens (I told you I had bad vision hehe) As a first time, online glasses gal, I had no idea to measure them to my regular glasses. Which I WOULD SO recommend. I have a small head, so these particular frames, although I do love them, are a little large for my face. Since, they are such a great price, I think I might go back and get these ones. They look like the same style, but smaller. Which I am sure will be perfect. (I will let you know how that goes!)

All in all, I do love my glasses and love the company and for the price of these glasses I will definitely be ordering a bunch more in the future. Ya know, to keep switchin up my style :) I know, I keep gushing, but Firmoo gave me a link for all of my readers to get 50% off their first order! I would definitely jump right on it! Check it out here. Don't forget to send me pictures of you're new frames on Insta or Twitter! I would love to see :)

Talk to you guys soon:)

*Thank you for sponsoring this post Firmoo!*

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  1. Oh I do love the glasses! You know like.. the cover of it is soo, stunning. So I probably would like to search it since here there's no Firmoo products. Worth to try :)


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