Monday, February 9, 2015


THE GRRAAAAMMMMYYYYYS. The long awaited Grammys. This is the only awards show I am actually ever about. I feel like its the one time for the celebs to actually be a little on the wild side and be themselves. Please tell me you haven't forgotten about Lady Gagas meat dress? She's nuts, I think. Or what about Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift? Im sure you didn't forget that one! The Grammys makes everyyyyyone talk, every. single. year. First, can we plssss talk about Kanye West getting up and interrupting Beck. I hate him so much. LOL. Sorry Kanye fans. I love Beyonce more than life but, reeeeally. GO AWAY. I loved Katy Perrys performance. Her white cape dress was STUNNING.

Enough of my rambles-- on to fashion, hehe.
I have to start out with the girl I love to hate, T-Swift. As much as I try, I CAN NOT HATE HER. She was my best dressed for the entire night. Her dress was breathtaking with those shoes and her hair and makeup ughhhh. She was perfection.

I think the worst dressed would probably be Madonna! SHE IS CRAZY LOL. I think that honestly, she doesn't need all these bells and whistles. She could just walk down the red carpet with a black dress and she would look amazing because, she's MADONNA?!? Lol. But seriously, I think this look was outrageous. But, I still got love for her ;P

My next favorite would probably have to be Chrissy Teigan. She is so beautiful. I feel like she came out of no where kind of. Now, she is taking over the fashion world. She is seriously breathtaking. I love her. This white dress looks amazing on her and the hair and makeup went along perfectly. The cut outs are a little risque but, I am loving it.

For my other favorites, I really loved Gwen Stefani. I always love her. The jumper was soooo her. I was obsessed. Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, I actually kind of liked as well. I liked that they toned it down a little then they normally would. It was nice to see them not so crazy. BUT RIHANNAS DRESS?!?!? I know she got a lot of hate for it, but, other than the dress she looked flawless. I am not hating. Lastly, I know a lot of people loved Katy Perrys look, but I didn't love it. I dont know. It just wasn't my favorite. Either was Ariana Grandes... It was boring! I love her pony so much but I wish she switched it up.

Who was your favorite? Your best dressed? Worst? Can you believe how many awards Sam Smith got? Go Sam!

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