Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Chilliiii Summa Days

Hat | Crop Top: Sold Out / similar | Shorts | Cardigan | Shoes 

This is my go to outfit for chilly summer days! I am from upstate NY if you didnt know and August is feeling alot like Fall most of the time. But, it can get up to the 90's in a hot second. Something like this is ideal! A cardigan with holes makes it super light weight and you can always ditch it when it gets alittle hot. I am also in LOVE with this hat. Its out of my comfort zone but I have been lovin' it. Definitely bringing that style into Fall. My shorts from Glamour and Glow are my favoooooorite. I would wear them every single day if I wasnt lazy and did laundry on a normal basis. They go with everything and they are riiiiiiil comfy. They are also on sale right now (lucky for you all) and I am really upset about it. I might restock on another pair! They are $25! 

Whats your favorite part of this outfit? Do you like to wear hats?

Photography by: www.nelliehariphotography.com

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