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strobing, highlighting,

strobing, highlighting,

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I have a new favorite trend ever. I think I might be the last person on earth to jump on this band wagon but, I LOVE STROBING. Lets jump back a few steps..

I, Emily Augustine, regret to inform you that I have been so bored with contouring I could write a book. Not kidding. I know, who would have saw the day I would have said this. Yes sure, for weddings, or proms, or maybe a big night out, contouring is fun. But, for every day contouring has become way to much makeup for me. Basically, I have been down in the dumps about my makeup routine for a while now until, BOOM, this came along. I know, its just highlighting and I know, its not some huge revelation. But, I love it. I wouldn't have ever just highlighted my face no way, no how, but I tried it and it made me feel like a babe.

If you don't know I have dry skin. I have always been so envious of the oily gals because their skin just always looks so good. But, I hate dewy foundations. I never knew how I could get the glow where I wanted and the coverage I wanted too. This works, big time. I finally look like a oily babe-- (but, in the best way)

So how do I do it you may ask? I'm not sure how everyone else does it, I know theres a million other ways but, heres my take on it:

- Moisturize my skin.
- Mix my favorite liquid highlighter and my foundation.
- Conceal my under eye, down my nose, cupids bow, chin. (like always)
- Use liquid highlighter on my cheekbone, the top part of my brow, little on my forehead, down my nose, cupids bow, chin and I do it right under where my contour would normally be. I found this illustration on a blog I have been following lately and LOVE it. Check it out here.

strobing, highlighting,

- Set under eyes and t zone with powder.
- Use your powder highlighter and go over all the places where you used your liquid.

And dasssss it. No bronzers. No contouring shades. Nothing. The whole point of this is that you don't have to because the 'light' catching areas are still getting brought to the front emphasizing them and diminishing your natural dark areas to make bigger cheekbones. I love it. Try it out and let me know what you think. I will do a post soon all about my favorite products I've been using but thought I'd update you about my new obsession in the mean time. Catch ya soooooooon >:)

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