Sunday, May 3, 2015

How I Edit My Instagram Pics


Haha, I'm kidding. But really, I honestly debated for a long time if I should even do this post since there are SO MANY ways out there to edit. Everyone has their own unique style. Especially when it comes to Instagram and tbh, I don't think what I do is that exciting haha. Another reason I never even thought about doing this is because I always would need to use like seventeen thousand different apps to get what I wanted. NOT ANY MO'. Instagram finally redesigned their editing and I am lovin' it. Its the only editing I use anymore. I know my editing prob isn't everyones cup of tea but, it may give you some new tips to try out with what you already do now! 

First things first, with a selfie you obviously have a bunch to chose from. Who just takes one selfie and says 'Wow, this is the one.' DEF NOT ME. It takes me a few tries, hehe. So, pick your pic.

Then, straighten it, rotate it, etc. In my case, I think it looks trendy to the side. Once in a while, I flip mine! Again, its my signature thing. Find yours. What you like could be totally different from what I like.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART! I AM SO GLAD INSTA PUT THIS IN! Fading! This is what reallllllly makes my 'insta theme'. All my pics are faded. Sometimes I do it all the way and others only to about a quarter of the way. Depending on the picture and my mood;)

The next two steps, I choose a color. Either, pink or blue I tend to go with. Again, depending on what the picture looks like to start out. Then, I alwayyyyyyyyyyys bring it back to about 25% of the way. I feel like at full blast the picture looks little too edited. Last, but not least, make a caption. I'm always lazy and just use an emoji. An emoji can tell a 100 words you know.

And there ya go! You're done! It may seem like a bunch to do, but once you get the hang of it its riiiiiiil quick. Whats your favorite way to edit your pictures? Do you use Insta? Or an app? Let me know! I love to learn new ways xxx

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